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Personal Information
Name: Nick KENNETT
Age: 25
Height: 184
Languages: English
25 year old Nick is a personal trainer born in South Australia before growing up in the Northern Territory. Describing himself as “friendly, honest, tenacious and spontaneous”, Nick has aspirations of owning a successful business, a journey he began recently in co-founding a modelling agency. He enjoys playing guitar, something which has taken him all the way to the X-Factor Australia TV show. In his spare time Nick likes to watch movies, read books, write songs and listen to music.

More Facts on Nick

- Current Occupation – Personal Trainer

- Strangest Job – Dressing up & Acting as Shrek!

- Favourite Food – Cake & Ice Cream

- Nick is a ballroom dancer, and says he was teaching by the time he was 14!

- Personal Motto - “Keep going even if things don’t; work out, just keep trying harder”

"Hi, I'm Nick Kennett from South Australia.

I grew up as the middle child in a family of five children. I have a very close family and look forward to raising my own family one day. I am a model, qualified personal trainer, and singer/songwriter. I love playing the guitar and being creative. I would also love to explore acting and presenting. I recently started my own modelling agency and aspire to have a successful business and tour the world with my music. I have never travelled outside of Australia, so Mr World will be my first international travel. I describe myself as a friendly, honest, tenacious, and spontaneous person. I also love people and have been described as being able to talk to anyway."
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