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Personal Information
Name: Anyelo Bryan ROCA ROCA
Age: 18
Height: 196
Languages: Spanish, Portuguese
18 year old Anyelo is currently in his first year of University. Focused on his studies, Anyelo has aspirations of pursuing a career in the petro-chemical industry once he graduates. Anyelo lives with his family, in Guayaramerin, a city on the border with Brazil. He says he is inseparable from his twin brother, with both of them studying, playing sports and socialising together. In his spare time he enjoys listening to electronic music, motorcycle rallying, and he plays competitive racquetball. When it comes to food, Anyelo loves filet mignon and Yatorana, a fish native to the Amazon rivers.

More Facts on Anyelo

- Current Occupation – Student – Petroleum Engineering

- Favourite Book – Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes

- Anyelo has a pet Siamese Cat

- Won his first Racquetball championship in 2009

- Personal Motto – “With perseverance you can achieve everything”

"Soy Angelo Roca Mister World Bolivia 2014, muy orgulloso de representar a Bolivia en el Mister World 2014.

Agradezco a Dios que me haya dado esta oportunidad a mi corta edad de vivir esta experiencia fascinante de conocer Inglaterra y mas aun poder compartir con representantes de diferentes culturas, se que será algo que marcara mi vida y me aportara una vivencia enriquecedora.

Es muy hermosos poder hacer conocer un poco mas de mi país, Bolivia es un país completo, pluricultural y con enormes riquezas turísticas de las cuales hablare a toda la gente que conoceré este sueño que se llama Mister World 2014."
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