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Personal Information
Name: Jordan WILLIAMS
Age: 26
Height: 185
Languages: English
Coventry born Jordan is a professional singer with aspirations of establishing himself as a major act. Influenced by the Rat Pack and swing music, he is the UK’s leading Michael Buble tribute performer. After reaching X-Factor boot-camp in 2010, he is currently set for the TV Audition stage of X-Factor 2014, and says he wants to win this year. Aside from music, Jordan is a keen sports fan, and likes to keep fit at the gym. He loves to travel and hopes to be able to use his talents to see the world in the future.

More Facts on Jordan

- Current Occupation – Professional Singer

- Has a pet Spaniel called Holly.

- Favourite meal – Fish/Steak and Chips.

- Personal Motto - "Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today."

"I am an extremely competitive person, with an intense interest in music and sport. I am a professional singer and have competed since a young age as a chorister in a catholic choir to a finalist on the X Factor. My proudest achievement was winning my Mr England title thus enabling me to use my talent to attend many charity events and truly embrace the beauty with a purpose ethos by encouraging others in less fortunate situations than myself to follow their dreams. In my spare time I like to play football and help out at the family business as my family are everything to me. My ambitions for the future are to continue my singing to the highest possible level and to travel the world and experience new cultures and meet new people.”
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