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Personal Information
Name: Karl BOWE
Age: 25
Height: 191
Languages: English
Karl is an actor and model born and raised in the bustling city of Dublin. Describing himself as “a colourful individual” Karl auditioned for X Factor with his band 2 years ago, narrowly missing out on a place at the judge’s houses. In his spare time he likes to keep fit by running, swimming and going to the gym. His life ambitions are to become a successful actor and to travel the world. One of the strangest jobs he has taken is helping a cow give birth during a television advert filming, and he has also worked as a Cristiano Ronaldo Impersonator.

More Facts on Karl

- Current Occupation – Actor

- Favourite Food – Chicken Curry

- Favourite Book – The Secret

- Karl is a huge fan of “Old School” Music

- Personal Motto - “Anything is possible to those who believe”

"My name is Karl Bowe. I am 25 years old and I am from Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland.

I have a huge passion for performing in the entertainment business. I've had a variety of different experiences within the business from performing in three consecutive X-Factors as part of a group called Element from 2010-2012, it was third time lucky for us as we got to Bootcamp in 2012, made it to the last 10 of the groups and narrowly missed out on a place in Judges Houses.

Acting is my #1 ambition and was fortunate enough to partake in several TV and Theatre productions.
I also do work as a Ronaldo Impersonator from time to time and featured in the Cheerios Panto alongside TV3s Alan Hughes and Nadia Forde as"Ronaldi".

I was on a TV show on RTE called "The Centre" where I played the part of "Mustafa" the Turkish Husband of Jennifer Maguire.

I have the distinct honour and privilege to be Mr. Ireland 2014 and go onto challenge for Mr. World"
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