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Personal Information
Name: Bjorn DEMICOLI
Age: 22
Height: 185
Languages: Maltese, English, Italian
Bjorn is a Chauffeur from the island of Malta, a country he says has a “beautiful culture, unique history, and hot weather.” Living with his loving family, he describes himself as “a motivator, and a person who does not give up.” In the near future, Bjorn hopes to study nutrition and train to become a fitness instructor. He has a passion for fitness, enjoying going to the gym, bodybuilding and CrossFit. In his spare time Bjorn likes to listen to hip hop music and he has an interest in modern fashion.

More Facts on Bjorn

- Current Occupation – Chauffeur Service

- Favourite Food – Rabbit

- Bjorn has two pet dogs

- Personal Motto – “You only live once.”

"I'm Bjorn Demicoli, 22 years old, from Malta. I finalised my school studies in Networking and internal infrastructure in the area of IT and will be completing my studies next year in another course for Nutritionist and fitness instructor. Currently I am self employed running a family business.

I can describe myself as a self motivator who always wants to explore different sectors. I train mostly Crossfit which is a very intense sport and of course Gym. I am dedicated and very focused on what I do and very disciplined in my diet. I am a very outgoing person who loves to interact with new people and a person who expresses my feelings openly."
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