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Personal Information
Name: Diego CONROY
Age: 22
Height: 182
Languages: Spanish, English
Diego traveled about whilst growing up before returning to his birth town of Lima where he currently studies at the ‘Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola’. A fan of sports, Diego enjoys playing soccer, going to the gym and running. Describing himself as “very positive (and) always trying to improve,” he has ambitions of completing his studies and setting up his own business. In his spare time he enjoys listening to a variety of music, from jazz to electro, and he has a pet dog called Bella.

More Facts on Diego

- Current Occupation – International Business Student @ USIL

- Diego spent two years living in Washington when he was younger.

- His favourite dish is Lomo Saltado.

- Personal motto “Luck doesn’t exist. It’s a combination of tools that you reach by working hard and getting experience to be able to see the opportunities that arrives you.”

"Soy Diego Conroy, natural de Lambayeque ubicado al norte del Perú. Me considero alegre, extrovertido, sencillo, optimista y disciplinado; siendo mi pasión el deporte y disfrutar el tiempo con la familia. Realicé mis estudios primarios en la capital, para luego por motivos laborales de mis padres mudarnos a Norte América por una temporada de dos años, donde desarrolle el inglés. Acabado dicho periodo, mi familia y yo nos trasladamos a vivir a España, donde nos quedamos durante cuatro años. Luego, regresamos a Perú donde vivimos actualmente y donde estoy estudiando la carrera de Negocios Internacionales en la universidad."
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