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Personal Information
Name: Rafał JONKISZ
Age: 19
Height: 187
Languages: Polish, English
“Hi my name is Rafał, I am an acrobat from Poland.”

Rafał is probably our most flexible contestant this year. A professional acrobat, competitive athlete and skilled dancer, his passion is all about moving, which has so far taken him to the quarter finals of Poland’s Got Talent, 4th place on Dancing with the Stars, and various medals on the athletics field. His future plans include building a presence in the world of modelling and continuing his charity work, which currently sees him performing at children’s hospitals and schools.

“Rzeszów is a beautiful town in the southern part of Poland. It’s quiet and idyllic climate makes it a perfect place to rest and recharge my batteries.”

Quick Questions

Q -What would a typical workout involve for you?
-I start each workout with stretches, moving through to strength exercises, which I always combine with supersets. Most of my acrobatic training involves merging separate figures into more complicated combinations.

Q -Workout Mix?
-I do my best workouts listening to electronic music – It gives me a better motivation and more energy to train.

Q -What is your favourite app?
-Snapchat – I am running the 6th most popular channel in Poland.

Q -What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?
-I once hiked 25km in the middle of the winter with over 40cm of snow and temperature of -20 Celsius degrees. The views were amazing!

Q -Which challenge event do you feel most confident about?
-Sports Challenge. Years spent training many various sports disciplines prepared me for this challenge.
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