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Mr World 2012 was a resounding success!

You can find out everything you need to know about the competition right here on this page.



1st Place - Colombia - Francisco Escobar

2nd Place - Philippines - Andrew Wolff

3rd Place - Ireland - Leo Delaney

Mr World - Colombia - Francisco Escobar Parra Ireland, Colombia & Philippines Myleene Klass & Mr World

After two weeks of tough challenges, exciting adventures, new experiences and making new friends, the Mr World contestants took to the stage for the competition's grand final. The time had finally arrived for the winner of this year's contest to be announced, and the waiting to be over.

The evening kicked off with an animated entrance of the contestants with a James Bond flavour, as the individual representatives were introduced to the audience, striking secret agent poses to the distintive theme tune of the world famous fictional spy. Myleene Klass and Kamal Ibrahim then took to the stage, introducing themselves to the lively crowd and kicking off the evening's entertainment.

Brazil Argentina, Belgium & Bolivia Belgium
Poland, Portugal & Puerto Rico Myleene Klass & Kamal Ibrahim Martinique, Mexico & Mongolia

With barely a pause the contestants quickly got changed and once again had their chance to impress the judges and please the crowd as the Denim Dance took full flow. Each of the contestants had the opportunity to show off their dance moves and unique flair, highlighting their personalities and charisma to Snoop Dogg's Sweat Ft. David Guetta

Bolivia Denim Dance France

Denim Dance & Myleene Klass

Wales Croatia Mexico

With the scene set, the top 10 Talent competitors gave their big performances in front of the live audience, and most importantly the judging panel. BoliviaCanadaChina PRCzech RepublicEnglandMongoliaNetherlandsVenezuelaVietnam and Wales all gave strong performances as they vyed for the first Fast Track position and guaranteed place in the final 10. The winner was Canada, with his flawless rendition of Jay Sean's Down. All of the top 10 gave it their all, but ultimately Canada proved to be the most talented of the performers.

Mr World Talent Finalists

Talent - Venezuela - Drumming & Karate Talent - Czech Republic - Street Freestyle Dance Talent - Vietnam - Contemporary Dance Talent Winner - Canada - Singing Talent - England- Singer/Songwriter Talent - Mongolia - Opera Singing

Next up was the Extreme Sports Challenge. With the event already having taken place, the audience were shown a short film which depicted exactly what happened on the gruelling day out, taking on the army assault courses. As the video drew to a close, it was clear that two of the contestants were clearly the top contenders, with Colombia and Croatia showing true grit and determination, alongside strength and endurance winning one half each of the final course. However, it was Croatia who took the challenge, finishing overall in the highest position. With two fast track events down, it was time to turn to the Multi-Media Challenge.

Extreme Sports Top 2 - Colombia, Myleene Klass & Croatia Croatia Wins Extreme Sports Challenge

A new addition to the Mr World Competition, the Multi-Media Challenge tested the intelligence, initiative and creativity of the contestants, as they were tasked with creating an engaging news portal out of their social media outlets. Sent to the city of Canterbury, they were given the time to execute their individual plans on making the news in the historic city. On the night, the audience were played a montage of the days activities, highlighting many of the contestants presentations, and giving a distinct flavour of what happened on that fateful day. After the video, the top 5 were announced. Canada, Philippines, Belgium, Netherlands and Colombia all took to the stage as they proved to have created the strongest news. The announcement of the winner came soon after, with Philippines being judged as the best news reporter in the competition.

Multi-Media Challenge Top 5 - Philippines, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium & Colombia Multi-Media Challenge Winner - Philippines

The Sports Challenge was up next, and another video reflecting on the several rounds which resulted in first the top 12 and finally the overall winner. With the top 12 previously announced, the overall winner was the result everyone was waiting for. Ireland's strong performances across the entire competition meant he was the winner of this challenge, and took the penultimate Fast Track place in the overall top 10. His history as a top sportsman and international swimmer gave him the edge over the rest of the contestants, a point he made clear on the night.

Mr World - Sports Challenge Top 12

Sports Challenge Winner - Ireland

With only one Fast Track place left, the contestants now dressed to impress as they all worked the stage once again to Queen's One Vision, an homage to the band which inspired the West End musical they all had the pleasure of witnessing the previous week. With this the final chance to convince the judges they were indeed the most stylish of the group, they pulled out all the stops with their perfectly turned out designer wear, and immaculate disposition. It was a tough choice for the judges, who also had to take into consideration how the contestants had been dressing themselves and the appropriateness of their attire over the course of the whole event. Vietnam claimed the final Fast Track place, on the night wearing shiny knee-high boots worn over a glossy suit.

One Vision - Venezuela One Vision - South Africa One Vision - Peru One Vision - Spain One Vision - Ukraine
Fashion & Style - One Vision One Vision - Vietnam Fashion & Style - One Vision

With the atmosphere becoming visibly tense, it was time to announce the 5 judges choices for the top 10, and the end of the competition for 38 of the contestants. With CanadaCroatia, PhilippinesIreland and Vietnam already having booked their place in the top 10, the suspense was drawn out as one by one the remaining 5 were announced. Peru was the first to join them, followed by Belgium and Colombia. On his home turf and with a strong showing of support in the audience, England was announced as the penultimate top 10 finalist. The final place went to Lebanon, leaving the remaining 38 crestfallen, but still proud of what they had acheived for themselves and for the countries that they represented. 

Mr World - Five Fast Track Winners Top 10 Mr World Finalists

After the major drama of the final 10 announcement, it was time for a musical interlude, and a chance for our contestants to take a break and prepare themselves for the great crescendo of the evening. The night's surprise guest appearance was England's incredibly talented duo Jonathan and Charlotte. With their recently released debut album already going gold, they are a powerful classical crossover duo, who sing modern songs with a classical and operatic edge. Taking to the stage to emphatic applause from the audience, they launched straight into a rendition of Elton John's Your Song, albeit with a definite classical tinge, with many of the lyrics being sung in Italian. After their performance the pair gave their thoughts on the Mr World competition, and handed praise to the competitors for their obvious hard work and enthusiasm in taking part in the event. 

Jonathan & Charlotte Performance Charlotte, Myleene & Jonathan On Stage

It was now time for several of the judges to talk about what it takes to be Mr World, including Mr World 2007 Juan Garcia Postigo and the first ever Mr World Tom Nuyens who picked up the title in 1996. It was also time for the presenters to give the 5 judges choices a chance to speak about themselves, and the audience to learn a little bit about them. 

Top 10 Finalists On Stage Contestants Awaiting The Judges Decision

After this discussion the final 3 were announced. IrelandColombia and finally the Philippines all had their countries called out by Myleene, and were the last 3 contestants on the stage. With the atmosphere at a state of fever pitch, the top 3 were given one last chance to win the competition, being handed the microphone and asked to explain what winning Mr World would mean to them, and why they thought they should win the competition. One by one they made their heartfelt speeches, each giving their own reasons for why they should be the new Mr World. We also heard from Ireland and Philippines families who were in attendence, giving words of support and encouragement. Finally we heard from the room-mates of the 3 finalists. Ireland's room-mate was New Zealand, Colombia's was Brazil, and Philippines had been sharing with Northern Ireland. They regaled the audience with amusing anecdotes of the time they had been living together, giving further incite into the personality and character of 3 contestants left.

Kamal With Ireland & Philippines Families Room-Mates On Stage

And then it had come to it, the announcement of the winner of Mr World 2012/13. The Chairman of the Judges Julia Morley spoke a few words of support for this year's finalists, and handed over the judges decision for the presenters to read out.

Ireland was the first to be called out, receiving 2nd runner up. And then after a prolonged drumroll, Colombia was announced as the winner of the competition, with Philippines coming in as the first runner up. With a broad smile on his face, Francisco Escobar of Colombia collected his trophy and sash and was joined by all of the contestants on stage to celebrate his victory. With Carly Rae Jespen's Call Me Maybe blasting out of the speakers, everyone got into the party mood and gave their congratulations to Colombia, and also to Philippines and Ireland who came so far but didn't quite make it to the very end. With the end of the proceedings, the festive spirit continued long into the night, and the feeling of a job well done and a great competition visible on everyones faces. An exciting year awaits Francisco, his Mr World journey only just beginning.

Ireland, Colombia & Philippines Colombia Wins Mr World
Mr World - Colombia - Francisco Escobar Parra Mr World - Colombia - Francisco Escobar Parra
Mr World - Colombia & 1st Runner Up - Philippines Myleene Klass & Mr World



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