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Mr World 2014 - Grand Final Sunday 15th June 2014

Nicklas Pedersen from Denmark was announced the winner of Mr World 2014!

2nd Place - Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ikubese NIGERIA

3rd Place - Jose Pablo Minor MEXICO


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Extreme Challenge - A day with the Marines - Pt1, Pt2, Pt3

Sports Challenge - King of the Seas, Beach Sports, Indoor Sports, Football Challenge

Talent Competition - The Talent Show

46 finalists battled it out to win the coveted title, and this is how it all went.

The show began with the 46 Mr World finalists exploding onto the stage in a high energy introduction. Dressed just in denim jeans, they presented themselves to the audience with unique dance moves reflecting their own personalities, before the hosts of the show Miss World Megan Young & former contestant Mr World Canada 2012 Frankie Cena took to the stage to explain the shows format and get the show on the road.

Following the electric opening, we had a look at the first Challenge Event of the show: Talent. Four contestants were chosen to perform during the final show, and we began with the live performance of England’s Jordan Williams, with his rendition of Who’s Lovin’ You, originally sung by William "Smokey" Robinson.

Singing beautifully and receiving huge applause from the audience, England set the bar high for the remaining 3 Talent finalists who will be performing later in the show.

After the first break we moved onto the next Challenge Event, The Extreme Challenge. Invited to spend the day with the Royal Marine Commando’s, we saw how the contestants got on in a day designed to test them to their very limits. Running, press-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, more running and finally swimming was the initial fitness test, designed to eliminate all but the very best 24 contestants who would then take on the Commando Assault Course.

Those 24 were then put through another fitness session after a short break before taking on the Assault Course. A gruelling track filled with walls, tunnels, rope climbs, water traps and monkey bars eliminated all but 10, who finally took on the mudflats of the river Exe, where we found our last man standing through a series of elimination races, with the bottom 2 of each race dropping out. Moldova was the last man standing, and declared the winner of the Extreme Challenge!

We returned to the stage where Megan interviewed Moldova with the top 10 of the Extreme Challenge. Captain Ben Chappell of the Royal Marine Commandos made a special appearance on stage to receive thanks from the contestants and once again praise Moldova for his achievement.

Sailing was the next video, and the first of several parts of the Sports Challenge. Taking to the seas aboard some top sailing vessels, the contestants had to work in teams to master the coast of Torbay. Under the supervision of the International Sailing School, we saw their individual and team skills, with Bahamas being declared the King of The Seas, and the day’s best sailor.

Returning to the stage, Ukraine was the second of our Talent finalists to perform live. An interesting take on a Charlie Chaplain routine, he was immaculately dressed and performed the infamous table ballet routine.
With two down and two to go, we heard from Mike Dixon, the Musical Director about his take on this year’s talent finalists before Curacao took his place on stage and sung a classic Luther Vandross song, Dance with my father.

After the applause died down, we had a look at another of the Challenges, the Multi-Media Award. With each contestant given online portals using their official social media platforms, they were tasked to create an impression of themselves and their time at Mr World in the most inventive and exciting ways possible. Netherlands was deemed the best Multi-Media user, creating well edited videos, inventive pictures and an all-round good impression of his Mr World Experience.

After a quick break, we returned to the stage for the fourth and final act, Netherlands. Choreographed personally, his emotional interpretative dance routine moved many in the audience. After his performance, the other three talent performers took to the stage to hear the judge’s verdict. Curacao was announced the talent winner, for his beautiful Luther Vandross interpretation.

We returned to the Sports Challenge next and saw how the contestants got on in the other events in the challenge. The video showed these sports before we returned to the stage to see the top three Sportsmen, Bahamas, Denmark, and France. With the scores tallied up, Denmark was the overall winner of the sports, and booked his place in the top 10.

But sport is also about strong team work, and with the contestants split into four teams, we had to find a group winner! Taking to the stage in style kitted out in their team colours, they discovered that the Blue Team was Sports Challenge team winner.

Suited and booted, the contestants returned to the stage with the contestants of Miss England 2014 on their arms.

They all looked very stylish, but only one contestant could win the Mr World Style & Fashion Award, an award determined by the overall style displayed by the contestants during their two week stay in England. Nigeria was announced the winner, and took his place in the top 10.

And with the 5 Challenge Event Winners announced, the moment had come to discover who the Top 10 Mr World 2014 contestants were. Joining Moldova, Curacao, Denmark, Netherlands and Nigeria was: Ukraine, England, Mexico, Puerto Rico and India.

With only 10 contestants remaining, we were given an in-depth look at the lives of these 10 young men, finding out exactly who they are, and what they want to do with their lives.

After these insights into their lives, we had a special performance from Erin Holland, professional singer and Miss World Australia Erin Holland.  She sang Stay With Me ‘till the Morning, the London Choral Version as arranged by Musical Director Mike Dixon.

It was now time to discover out top 3, and with the top 10 lined up awaiting the judge’s decision, the tension was at fever pitch. Mexico, Denmark and Nigeria were the three selected from the top 10 and would face the final questions from the judges.
All 3 contestants had a chance to express their thoughts on what it is to be Mr World, and why they want to be Mr World.

While the judges deliberated their decisions, host Frankie Cena took to the stage to sing a song he penned himself especially for this occasion, entitled Top of the World.

All 46 contestants then returned to the stage as Mr World 2013 Francisco Escobar was invited onto the stage to pass over his reign to the winner of Mr World 2014.

Nicklas Pedersen from Denmark was announced as the winner of Mr World, with Nigeria in 2nd place and Mexico 3rd.

Francisco placed the winner’s sash over Denmark’s shoulders and the contestants all congratulated the worthy winner and the music was turned up as the credits rolled and Denmark could start to take it all in. Nicklas Pedersen is Mr World 2014!





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