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Cooking with the contestants
July 14th 2016
The Omelette Challenge

After a day of testing the contestants’ physical strength it was time for something a little different this morning. Aching legs and tired muscles aside, they were tasked with the Omelette Challenge; a 5 minute cook off where each contestant had to create a dish reflecting their nation, with egg as the base. An individual challenge at its heart, it was also a team challenge, with a contestant from each group competing against each other in groups of 4, with the winner of each round picking up a point for his team.

In the sun drenched courtyard of the Royal Clifton Hotel, the contestants were given time to prep their ingredients, but were only allowed 5 minutes of flame time to cook their dish. From Kimchi to smoked salmon, we had a huge variety of ingredients and some truly epic dishes from the more skilful chefs in the group.

However, we also had some not so great dishes, with the chef unwilling to try every dish prepared! Maximum effort was made by everyone however, with Bulgaria, who said this was his first ever attempt at cookery, actually winning his heat with a simple egg and cheese omelette! Well done Bulgaria!

Korea had a rather unorthodox way of sharing his food with his fellow contestants!

Austria was very creative with his recipe, crafting an aple duck and a cheese and pepper flag!

The final taste test was up to the Head Chef of the restaurant, who even went back to retest some of the dishes after trying them all. Full results will be revealed at a later date!

For now, check out some more of the pictures from this morning!



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