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Mr World winners, where are they now?
Mr World 2007, Juan Garcia January 14th
A look what our former Mr World winners are doing now

Mr World 1996, Tom Nuyens Tom Nuyens 1996 (BELGIUM)

Tom was the first ever Mr World, winning the competition in Istanbul, Turkey in 1996. He was 20 years old at the time, and studying for a degree in sports science. After winning, Tom started out on a successful modelling career which saw him appear in TV advertising campaigns, including Macy’s, New York and music videos, amongst other things. He is now branching out into different projects such as television presenting and co-hosted the Mr World 2007 TV show.

Mr World 1998, Sandro Finoglio Sandro Finoglio Speranza 1998 (VENEZUELA)

After winning Mr World crown in 1998 Sandro’s life changed. He was scouted by a modelling agency and went on to do shows for designer, Giovanni Scutaro, as well as International catwalk modelling. He was recruited for TV work in the United States, including the popular programme ‘Secret Love’ and is now working on other TV projects in Mexico and Venezuela.

Mr World 2000, Ignacio Kliche Ignacio Kliche 2000 (URUGUAY)

Ignacio was 22 when he was declared Mr World in 2000 at the event in Crieff, Scotland. He was studying for a degree in International Relations at the time. Since winning Mr World Ignacio has gone on to follow his dream and become a professional Basketball player in his native Uruguay. He says "Basketball is the game of my life” and his dream is to try out his skills in the American NBA league. Ignacio is also busy juggling working as a part time model and TV commitments where he works as a ‘conductor de television’ and a news anchor in the NBA sports channel.

Mr World 2002, Gustavo Gianetti

Gustavo Gianetti 2002 (BRAZIL)

Gustavo won the Mr World 2002 event in London. Before competing in Mr World he studied law at University to fulfil his ambition to be an international tax lawyer. He is now working as a top model and has appeared in many TV programmes including “Britain's Next Top Model” where he mentored the contestants in an acting workshop when they flew to Brazil for one of their challenges.

Mr World 2007, Juan Garcia Juan Garcia Postigo 2007 (SPAIN)

Juan Garcia was working as a Sommelier in hi home town of Malaga in Spain before he went on to take the accolade of “The World’s Most Desirable Man” in 2007. After winning Mr World, Juan moved to the capital city, Madrid, where he now plays the lead character in a daily TV drama. He also has fashion and modelling commitments in Tokyo and New York as well as his native Spain. He keeps busy honing his skills as a student of Dramatic Arts. In 2009 Juan launched his own wine brand: JG, 2006 harvest.



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