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Q&A With The Contestants: Croatia & Germany
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17th November 2012

Q&A With Mr World Contestants

This morning we had a chat with two more room mates, Croatia and Germany, and they spoke about their Mr World experience.

How are you finding the Mr World experience?

Germany: There is 1 word - Awesome. I always wanted to have a world trip, and now it has come to me. Whenever I go abroad now, chances are i will know someone there, so I can get advice on whet to see and where to stay. Everybody here is so friendly, it is like being on holiday with many friends. We have a lot of fun, but the competition side is still very serious. We don't lose focus on why we are here.

Croatia: It is an adventure.I will remember it for the rest of my life, and will have a lifetime of stories I will never stop telling. Everyday is memorable. When I wake up I just get the sense that good things will happen.

What have you learnt about your room-mate?

Croatia: He really takes pride in his appearance, he makes sure that he is always looking good. I also really like his laugh. Whenever he laughs, it makes me laugh. It's just one of those laughs, it's infectious, it causes a chain reaction. It's not just his laugh though, his accent makes everything he says sound like a question. I suppose I have learnt that about him too. He's a really nice guy though. We get on well together. Everybody here is great, I can't think of anyone I don't get on with at the competition.

Germany: I have learnt that he is a big fan of Herbalife! He really loves his protein shakes, its great nutrition for working out. He is very well trained and really strong. His talents for physical exercise like his street gym and CrossFit are very impressive. I have also learnt that he is a fair person; very friendly, and we get on really well. Oh, and he speaks English in his sleep. I don't know why, maybe because he spent time living in America, but I have heard him.

Who is the loudest/messiest?

Croatia: Our room is fairly clean, we are not in the room so much, me maybe a little more than he is, he is always out and goes to bed late. He also has did not bring as much luggage with him as I did. Sometimes It feels like he didnt bring anything at all with him when I look around the room!

Germany: I would say I am the loudest. But he is the messiest, there is his Herbalife power-shake mix all over the place, empty packaging, new boxes, and brown liquids. But its fair. I am the loudest, and he is the messiest, I suppose its ok like that.

Who controls what music and television you listen to/watch?

Germany: He uses the television more than me. I haven't turned it on really. 

Croatia: I have watched the TV a few times, but not much. Musicwise, I am generally the one who puts the music on. I have the "masterkey"

Germany: I really like his choice of music. Everytime I come into the room it is like entering a disco! Why turn on my music when his is so good!

Croatia: We generally listen to electronic music, like house and dance. Happy music that makes me want to do stuff.

What are you looking forward to during the rest of the competition?

Germany: I look forward to everyday. Everyday I learn a new thing, whether its something about England, something about one of the other contestants countries, somethign about myself. For example this morning Macau China showed me a book with his writing in and it was amazing. I have never seen writing so small and intricate like that before. He was also telling me all about this cathedral, and the history of it. I look forward to these new experiences everyday. I am also looking forward to the final show, but I also do not want it to arrive, because that will mean the end of being here, and that is going to be a sad moment. Right now I don't want to have to say goodbye to this experience.

Croatia: I am looking forward to a few of the challenges coming up. I am looking forward to the sports final, and what will happen on the final night. But I am trying to stay in the present as much as I can. I want to keep hold of the moments as i experience them, so I will have memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life.



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